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Top 5 Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers by GreenAir®

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GreenAir® is the leader in Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers serving the marketplace for the last 10 years. The diffusers by GreenAir® use the cold air diffusion technology through a vibrating electronic membrane that atomizes oil into micro particles. GreenAir® manufacturers the Ultrasonic diffusers that work perfectly with therapeutic grade essential oils and are free of BPA. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and resins and there are high chances of them seeping into the food or beverages stored in the plastic container. Therefore, the essential oil placed in the GreenAir® diffusers do not encounter BPA contamination—they are BPA-free.

Greenair Diffusers

GreenAir® strives to develop exceptional diffusers that offer users advanced wellness through instant and healthy mist therapy. We have reviewed the top 5 Ultrasonic diffusers from GreenAir® that follow:

Top 5 Oil Diffusers by GreenAir® Comparisons

  1. GreenAir® Spa Vapor
  2. GreenAir® Aroma Diffuser – Spa Mister
  3. GreenAir® Aroma Diffuser – Zen, Black
  4. GreenAir® Nebair
  5. GreenAir® SpaGlow

1. GreenAir® Spa Vapor

GreenAir® has 5 different versions of GreenAir® Spa Vapor to include:

  • 1st version: GreenAir® Spa Vapor
  • 2nd version: GreenAir® Spa Vapor+
  • 3rd version: GreenAir® Spa Vapor 2.0
  • 4th version: GreenAir® Spa Vapor PRO
  • 5th version: Greenair® Spa Vapor Touch

1.1 GreenAir® Spa Vapor Advanced

Greenair Spa Vapor Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy

GreenAir® Spa Vapor is the ultimate essential oil diffuser that simply needs water, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and electricity to run the device. The device is made of BPA-free plastic and a simple sleek design. Despite its small size, it helps the essential oils to spread over an area of 500-square feet or more.

State-of-the-art Mechanisms—The Ultrasonic pulsating sound creates a calm mist of vapor. You can find the diffuser with different LED colors controlled with the help of an on/off switch. It is simple to use by adding of few drops of oils that transform the room into a relaxing spa.

Improved Features—Unlike the heat diffusers, these Ultrasonic units do not use water and function for a longer time. The units are high-output diffusers that meet your aromatherapy needs with cold air diffusion technology.

No Sound—The Advanced Spa vapor spreads the micro-fine mist into the air being whisper quiet.

1.2 GreenAir® Spa Vapor+

Greenair Spa Vapor+, Oil Dispersion Advanced Wellnss Instant Healthful Mist Therapy

Compared to their previous models, GreenAir now comes with 6 LED colored lights and the Ultrasonic device helps to create a healthy mist of air.

Ceramic Disc—The use of a ceramic disc prevents corrosion from the oils that can cause every diffuser to build up oil and the ceramic disc avoids the unit from breaking down abruptly.

Free from BPA—The device from GreenAir® is free of BPA. Therefore, there is no fear of contamination and you can use the essential oil in a safe manner. No preservatives or chemicals are going to affect the oils and decrease its functionality.

Beneficial Aromatherapy—This device helps to spread the aroma in the room almost instantly by breaking the oil particles into micro-fine elements that allow the oil to remain suspended in the air for a longer time.

1.3 GreenAir® Spa Vapor 2.0

GreenAir Spa Vapor 2.0 All New Essential Oil Diffuser Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy

This diffuser comes with two features with new improvements—one is the use of the timer settings to set the unit on or off and the intermittent system built inside. The three different settings in in the timer allows the unit to function with one simple push.

Great Timer Options—This new model has some great timer features to diffuse the essential oil from within the device. You will find timer options for 1, 2, and 3 hours easy to control by a single push of a button.

Intermittent Setting Option—With this option, you can guarantee 8 hours of non-stop diffusion that is 2 hours longer than other diffusers.

Works with Therapeutic Grade Oils—It works in perfect synchronization with therapeutic oils and preserves the all-inclusive properties of the essential oil that do not work with heat diffusers.

1.4 GreenAir® Spa Vapor PRO

Greenair Spa Vapor PRO Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

This upgraded version of the GreenAir Spa Vapor has a larger tank capacity of 200 mL (6.76 ounces) that operates for 6 hours, whereas other versions have a lower water capacity.

Works Perfectly with Good Quality Oils—The therapeutic oils work fine in the device that breaks up the particles into micro-fine elements slowly over time.

Large Tank—The tank capacity is large enough that it can run for a long time and it has an automatic shutoff to shut the unit down when the water is low.

Colorful—Comes with different LED light colors to create a hypnotic effect that is mesmerizing and relaxing and the lights are easy to use.

5. GreenAir® Spa Vapor Touch Advanced

Greenair Spa Vapor Touch Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy

This brand new diffuser has two directional mist nozzles to help you move it in any direction you want—a total new feature absent in its previous models. In addition, the latest feature is the rotating LED light that was absent in its earlier versions.

SpaVapor Touch—This new feature helps to make the operation of this device easier. Now a simple push of a button will let you enjoy therapeutic benefits for a continuous 6 hours.

Two Directional Nozzles—This feature allows you to fan the mist of healthy air in the direction you want by simply moving the nozzle a little.

Rotating LED Light—In every model we find LED lights with a few colors or one color and it glows quite brightly, but here the light displayed is calm since it glows from the bottom of the unit at the base. Moreover, it gives you a choice of 6 different colors.

2. GreenAir® Aroma Diffuser, Spa Mister

Greenair Aroma Diffuser, Spa Mister

Innovative Design

This new essential oil diffuser from GreenAir® is innovative in its design and looks exceptional with the décor of your home. With the use of perfect modern science, it merged into a new diffuser to bestow something special for its users. It looks lovely and has a soft glow using the 4 different colors—purple, red, blue, and green. The beautiful Aroma Mister diffuser is sure to please your senses.

High Frequency Diffusers

Unlike the heat diffusers, the Aroma Mister uses high frequency Ultrasonic vibrations that are cold air diffusion for a cool mist. The unit does not use heat or water like other diffusers. It breaks the essential oil particles into micro-fine elements that disperses faster in the ambient air. This helps the air to absorb the particles instantly spreading the aroma quickly for a longer time.

Works on Automatic Shutdown Mode

When the water in the reservoir becomes low, it shuts off automatically. The automatic shut off works perfectly for the time you have preset. This avoids wasting any oils that might be left. By shutting down, the oils are less likely to corrode and build up on the unit. If this happens, the unit is easy to clean. Using a little dish detergent in water with a cotton swab, then rinse, and air-dry removing any oil. The water reservoir holds 120 mL (4.05 ounces) and runs for 8 hours. The spraying mist is directional. Add 4-5 drops of oil in the unit and it will mist an area of 250-square feet.

3. GreenAir® Aroma Diffuser, Zen, Black

Advanced Mist Therapy

This device is innovative and elegant and is capable of delivering advanced wellness and instant helpful mist therapy that is excellent compared to heat diffusers. This Zen Black diffuser rids odors in any room where it is placed by breaking down the oil into micro-fine particles that diffuses faster in the air and removes any stale odors. The advanced mist therapy is relaxing compared to other diffusers that run on heat or water.


The diffuser acts as a mini-humidifier compared to other diffusers. The humidifier is a good air purifier and allows a fine therapeutic mist that spreads fast and keeps the room moist, fresh, and easy to breathe. If you love calmness and serenity, the Zen Black diffuser is going to guarantee a good atmosphere to inhale. It helps to humidify (moisturize) the air of the room at normal temperatures.

Long Time Operation

The device is much more competent for its long run time. The Zen Black is able to operate for a long 8 hours well and that depends on the type of oil used at the same time. It runs quietly for 8 hours that converts a mixture of water and essential oils into millions of micro particles, which are easily absorbed to freshen up the room creating a Zen-like atmosphere. Simply add 5 drops of essential oils and see the magic as it runs for extended hours.

Due to its high water capacity, the Zen Black holds 200 mL (6.76 ounces), and the diffuser operates for 8 hours and fans the mist over an area of 400-square feet.

4. GreenAir® Nebair Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Easy to Use Device

To change the essential oil in the Nebair diffuser is a breeze. You will have no problem pouring the essential oil into its place. Other water diffusers have a spilling problem, but this device guarantees no mess. You just need to change the bottle by screwing it directly to the atomizer. The atomizer helps to spread the aroma faster as it breaks down the oil into micro-fine particles that spread fast in the room.

Use of State-of-the-Art Technology

You will feel as though your home is a spa. The Ultrasonic diffuser uses cold diffusion technology to create a healthy mist in your room for you to enjoy therapeutic aromatherapy anywhere you want it. You can use the diffuser in your bedroom, a child’s room, boutiques, office, hotel room, hotel lobby, or anywhere that you want its effects to be. The device comes with settings that makes the device more flexible and handy and can be put to use anytime anywhere.

Smart System

The NeBair has 48 settings that feature different smart technologies. You can use the Nebair by adjusting your essential oil preferences using the different settings. It also has 16 smart level interval settings and 64 smart pre-setting selections as well. This helps further to sync the device on time with different settings that help to control the timer at every interval and in a flexible and comfortable manner unlike other Nebulizers.

The NebAir Nebulizer comes with settings that include being on for 30-, 60-, or 120 minutes and the intermittent on/off cycle for 5-, 10-. 30-, or 60 seconds respectively and will hold the standard 5, 10, and 15 mL bottles. The tank capacity holds 120 mL (4.05 ounces).

5. GreenAir® SpaGlow Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Great Design

The great design of the GreenAir® SpaGlow is that it operates with the push of one button. The diffuser is shaped like a globe and made from blown glass for the oil that creates a spa-like atmosphere in your room. This helps you to decorate your room and spreads the Ultrasonic diffuser into action to break down the oil particles into a micro-mist for your enjoyment and a therapeutic air massage anytime and anywhere.

Easy to Handle

The SpaGlow is easy to handle and comes with a push activation technology. This modern and advanced method helps you to control the diffuser at the push of your hand. Place your palm on the top of the device, or the globe, to turn on the device and on the second push, you select one of the three luminous colors while it is switched for diffusing. With the third push, the LED light goes off while it diffuses the oil and on the fourth push, the entire unit is switched off.

Spa Benefits

Due to its innovative design and good looks, the SpaGlow is decorative and harmonizes with the décor of any space. It has a touch of elegance and functions as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser for therapeutic and fragrance benefits. This unit helps to set the mood and improve the atmosphere. Compared to other diffusers, this is a high performer with a 120 mL (4.05 ounces) of tank capacity.

Final Thoughts

The Ultrasonic diffusers from GreenAir® help to control the room atmosphere in a controlled manner with their advanced features. These Ultrasonic diffusers use cold diffusion technology and other state-of-the-art qualities to improve their functionality compared to other diffusers. Turn your room into a spa instantly with a healthy mist of air with the use of aromatherapy essential oil diffusers by GreenAir®.

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    I was wondering if you knew of any diffusers that will TURN ON AND MIST by simply flipping on the power via smartphone. I believe the technical term would be “in-line toggle switch”.

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    Spa Room makes a diffuser that has a remote and another one that you can play music on through bluetooth on your smart phone…..called AromaHarmony. Not sure there’s one that you can turn off and on with your smart phone, but would be interesting to see if there is one.

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