ZAQ Dew Litemist Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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The ZAQ Dew Multi-color Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser has an 80 mL (2.70 ounces) water capacity and the colors are white, black, turquoise, and green. It is shaped like a rounded pyramid with the atomizer in the top hole for misting into the air. The long-life LED light at the top is soothing to watch. Being energy efficient, the diffuser runs for up to 4 hours before needing to have the reservoir refilled with water. The mid-sized unit is picture-perfect for your home, child’s room, bedroom, bath, office, massage salon, spa—anywhere you want a lovely refreshing fragrance for your area. The diffuser shuts off automatically and is whisper quiet. It is made of a sturdy plastic and is BPA-free, meaning there are no toxins.

For combined atmosphere benefits using essential oils, you will gain from its therapeutic effects and its aroma. The moisture from the diffuser with the oils can help dry flaky skin, irritated mucous membranes in the nose, and relieve allergies. The fragrance is uplifting and will boost your mood. Therefore, for antibacterial properties within the oils, you will have a tranquil inspiring time and you can run the diffuser without any oils for only a moisturizing effect from the humidity it creates. Either way, you will gain benefits from the diffuser’s performance. It is wonderful for the mind, body, and soul.

You are able to take this contemporary compact size of 7-inches tall by 4-inches wide with you on trips or to your own office space. It is portable to move to any room, and inexpensive enough to have more than one where you need it. One button operation turns the diffuser on and off. You can run it with the light on or off.


ZAQ Dew Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Automatic Shut-off Capability

When the water has been consumed, the diffuser will automatically shut down so you will have no concerns about it burning up. Put the diffuser in your bedroom or your child’s bedroom for a restful night knowing it will turn off. You do not need to turn it off in advance. Enjoy falling into a restful sleep knowing it will turn off for you. The LED light will be calming to you or a sick child and will peacefully lull you to sleep.

Long-lasting Results

The ZAQ Dew Diffuser will operate between 3 to 5 and typically 4 hours. That will give you plenty of time to saturate your area with the essential oils of your choosing for a great smelling place. The mist will cover up to 200-300 square feet. The unit is easy to clean and must have oil buildup removed at regular intervals. Use a little dish detergent, water, and a cotton swab. Or, use a little bit of rubbing alcohol, swish around, drain, and let air dry. Now it is ready to go again.

Easy to Use

When you receive your package, you will need to put four pieces together. It is easy and the User’s Manual will guide you to do this. Then, just plug it in, add up to 5 mL (1 teaspoon) of essential oils, and enjoy! When you have stale food, tobacco, or pet odors, they will soon be gone. You will soon be relaxing in a room with fresh aromatic air to breathe in.

Suggestion for use: Cannot use citrus or lemon oils. Be sure that you use a few drops of essential oils to produce a fragrant mist for fresher sweeter air.

What do Customers Say?

We came across many customers on Amazon who wrote reviews about this product based upon its appearance and function. Based on that, we found a large number of advantages for this oil diffuser. The diffuser is so small that it was hard for the reviewer to find such a small unit such as the ZAQ Noor. The diffuser is about the size of a large can. It is a smooth rounded pyramid shape, but it is substantial enough to get the job done with quality. The users are pleased by the effects and most of the user’s awarded 5 stars to this diffuser and highly recommend it.


  • Beautiful modern appearance
  • Comes with a safety sensor that turns it off when the water level is low
  • You can use it easily by refilling the reservoir with water and adding a few drops of essential oil with the fragrance remaining for 4-5 hours
  • The diffuser is easy to maintain
  • Harmonizes with any room décor
  • Gift-wrap is available
  • User’s Manual included
  • 1-year warranty provided

Final Thoughts

To permeate your atmosphere with fragrance to be serene and calm, removing foul odors—turn on your diffuser and radiate joy with your own radiant emotional vibrations. Forget yourself completely and just reeeelax.

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