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Find a Place of Peace and Harmony Using the Best Essential Oils and Diffusers from the Pilgrim® Collection

by Melissa
January 2, 2018

Aromatherapy for Your Innerspace

We want the brand, Pilgrim® Collection to be memorable to you.

Your experience with these breathtaking diffusers, whether the nebulizer using only essential oils, or the ultrasonic type using water with essential oils will be beyond the run-of-the-mill diffusers everywhere. You will love Pilgrim®!

The Pilgrim® diffusers reflect the style and passion for design now featuring even more beauty for your home and professional world.

For a natural indoor environment, 100% essential oils in a Pilgrim® diffuser will enhance your surroundings with an overwhelming aroma with healthful beneficial results for your well-being. Each essential oil has its own healing components to benefit you for sleep, stress relief, illnesses, to repel insects, provide allergy relief, increase concentration and mental focus while freshening the air you breathe.

For my personal transformation, I use the avenue of body, mind, and spiritual healing to take me on my road of memories to my past. Reminiscences of my grandmother baking sweet and spicy desserts revisit me when I smell spicy essential oils wafting from my diffuser. My mother’s perfume is a long-ago memory flooding back when I use rose essential oil in my Pilgrim® diffusers.

The Path of the Cofounders

Louis Verspreeùwen and Charles-Edouard Ferrant, cofounders, reveal that their Pilgrim® Collection diffusers are suitable for everyone from babies to elders.

After unveiling of the Pilgrim® Collection diffuser line on® in 2014, they understand that their customers value and love the old-world artisanship for beautiful creativeness using skills and techniques to embellish your universe to set it apart from the ordinary.

“We want our customers to enjoy the wonderful benefits from our diffusers that others have tried to duplicate. We want to keep our brand name meaningful by using our distinctive shapes, material, textures, and packaging design. The results are extraordinary and just what customers need not being an old idea or tired trend,” Louis Verspreeùwen told me this week.

“The Pilgrim® Collection has satisfied the global demand for the trendy and up-to-the-minute all-the-rage essential oil diffusers used today,” Charles added.

“We want to provide an affordable diffuser for everyone that is functional, and we will stand behind our diffusers with our 1-year Warranty,” he further stated. With that promise, you have nothing to lose with Pilgrim®.

The Zoé is shown here for further reading with pictures, and it is indeed an enchanting diffuser with a hand-held remote control that is truly convenient when you don’t want to get up from your place of relaxation.

I evaluated and reviewed Zoé at my site. Take a look at all its impressive features and striking appearance.

Pilgrim® diffusers are unisex being enjoyed by both men and women and moderately priced from under $40 to under $110. The water tank is larger than most and the units have timers that automatically shut the diffuser off when it’s low on water. Set the timer with three misting methods for what you enjoy best.


Zoé—an elegant ultrasonic design made of the hardwood white Oak for the base with an exquisite glass top that is handmade by artisans appreciating a simple beauty. Its soft white LED (light emitting diode) sets the mood for my romantic dinners with candlelight and soft music using lavender essential oils.


Sofia—a nebulizer using only pure essential oils or blends is made of the hardwood Oak with glass reservoirs inside for the oil and a ceramic pottery cover in innocent white with a LED light for your surrounding mood setting. My sister turns this on when she’s meditating using Zen at Home essential oil from Pilgrim®. The Sofia is noticeable being tasteful in design for any décor.


Teo—the hardwood from the Beech tree is the bottom base plus a teardrop shaped ceramic top. Enjoy an intoxicating and invigorating experience reading your favorite novel with a slight or heavy mist using your favorite citrus essential oil without ever facing a problem with the graceful and well-designed ultrasonic diffuser.


Eva—is the epitome of style and purpose. The housing is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) the same safe plastic used in drinking water bottles and is BPA (Bisphenol A)-free. Being ultrasonic, it holds lots of water for a longer running time and I use it in my office all day being whisper-quiet with my favorite blend, Pilgrim® Deep Breath, that has Niaouli oil that helps to increase my concentration and clears my head while lifting my spirits to focus. I love Eva reflecting light around my room with its shine and smooth exterior.


Alpha—is a superb ultrasonic diffuser with an easy-to-grip rubberized black outside. The unit is made of PET and is BPA-free for safety with children. The simple design fits any room and will harmonize with any décor. The power switch illuminates with a changing color LED light. Sturdy feet on the bottom hold it securely to any furniture top so that it never slips or slides off. The Alpha is sophisticated to include in your home, office, or therapy studio appealing to the aroma sensing pleasures of everyone. Alpha—the beginning.

All of the Pilgrim® Collection diffusers are designed in Europe, turn off automatically when low on water, and have a quiet running fan. The cord to plug in is extra-long and that’s a plus not needing to use extension cords as with most other diffusers.

This Is Your Year to Celebrate!

Start your new day with a refreshing aroma using the Pilgrim® Fresh Plus blend of lemongrass, basil, and lemon. Inhale the garden-fresh clean and bright scent for an aromatic beginning to your new year.

To find the serenity within you, that ability to be at peace when there is turmoil around, will be revealed to you with aromatherapy. When you use nature’s oils obtained from the flowers, stems, roots, leaves, seeds, skin, and bark of plants, herbs, and trees, you will experience a total mind, body, and spiritual sense of well-being.

Alternative medicine is energy. Energy is vibration from the universe. Even the various oils have different vibrations to heal. However, with an acute illness, it is important to seek a healthcare professional for a lifesaving drug in conventional medicine.

Exclusively Pilgrim®, you will find your Zen relaxation that starts right at home with a spa-like experience using the 100% pure essential oils Starter Kit. Diffuse the oils in your favorite Pilgrim® diffuser, apply to your skin with a carrier oil, or inhale deeply for aromatherapy. A starter kit is the sampling of the very best Pilgrim® essential oils.

To use any of Pilgrim oils, just add a few drops to your diffuser, to your beloved carrier oil for a soothing massage, or simply apply and rub into your skin for uplifting your mood, for a calming end to your day, and a complete feeling of well-being. It’s a true indulgence in your bath water with lighted dancing candles and a glass of your favorite wine to disentangle at the end of your day or anytime you want a refreshing warm soak.

Take yourself to a place of peace and harmony using the best essential oils and the best essential oil diffusers—all from the Pilgrim® Collection.

Melissa Styer

Melissa Styer is the Founder, and long time Editor-in-Chief of With a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Oregon, and a Masters Degree in Biology from California State University, Melissa has been writing and teaching about essential oils and the importance of a maintaining a healthy living environment for over 25 years. === Hi All, I started Wellness Appliances in the Winter of 2014 as a way to and share my knowledge and thoughts on essential oils and the importance of healthful living. As a youngster, I have vivid memories of walking through the large fantastic garden my dad kept for his entire life. It was there I learned about all the plants and the varied, important properties they can offer humanity. A cool morning misty walk down the meandering paths was a child’s delight, and something I still do to this day in my own sprawling gardens. While I have stepped back from the day-to-day managing of Wellness Appliances, I intend to continue contributing articles on subjects that matter to me from time to time. My days are largely filled volunteering at the local co-op, tooling in my vegetable and fragrance gardens (which I attempt to keep as a year-round gardens), writing, and being the leader of the pack to my two dogs Jacko and Lea. Thanks for the years of great readership! - Melissa

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