dōTERRA® Lotus Cool-mist Essential Oil Diffuser Review

The beautiful dōTERRA® Lotus made by Puzhen for dōTERRA® atomizes the oils and water reducing the components of the oils to atoms and the fine particles mist in an area of about 1000-square feet. The beautiful diffuser holds 70 mL (2.37 ounces) of water using the measuring cup included. The unit will run for either 30-minutes or 1-hour using the timer. The long-life blue LED light is lovely and soothing and does not turn off.

The diffuser is perfect for home, the office, massage studio, boutique, and for the baby’s cold. It will help with dry skin, chapped lips, congested sinus and nasal passages, and dry coughs due to colds and flu.

dōTERRA® Lotus made by Puzhen™ for dōTERRAWith or without oils, the mist produces negative ions that improve you mood and alleviate anxiety and tension. You can also use it with water only for a small humidifier. The 100% pure essential oils (not included) will also purify the air around you. When using essential oils, you will only need 3 to 5 drops for a wonderful experience. The unit is whisper-quiet and will not keep you or the kids awake. When the water level is low, the diffuser will automatically shut off so that you have no worries about it burning up. When you fill the water tank, do not fill past the max line.

Cleaning is easy with the enclosed brush or use a cotton swab with a bit of clear distilled vinegar or rubbing alcohol. You can mix with a small amount of water and let the unit run for 15 minutes to clean the atomizer in the top. Rinse in clear water, towel dry, and it’s ready to use again. Never let water and/or oils sit in the water tank because mold will grow and you do not want to breathe it.

Plug the UL listed cord into a USA 110/120-Volt outlet. Optional 240-Volt for countries outside the USA is not provided. The unit measures about 13.5-inches tall x 5-inches wide.

Gift-wrapping is available for a loved one or friend. In the box, you will receive a measuring cup, a cleaning brush, and a User’s Manual and Warranty.

Melissa Styer

Melissa Styer is the Founder, and long time Editor-in-Chief of WellnessAppliances.com. With a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Oregon, and a Masters Degree in Biology from California State University, Melissa has been writing and teaching about essential oils and the importance of a maintaining a healthy living environment for over 25 years. === Hi All, I started Wellness Appliances in the Winter of 2014 as a way to and share my knowledge and thoughts on essential oils and the importance of healthful living. As a youngster, I have vivid memories of walking through the large fantastic garden my dad kept for his entire life. It was there I learned about all the plants and the varied, important properties they can offer humanity. A cool morning misty walk down the meandering paths was a child’s delight, and something I still do to this day in my own sprawling gardens. While I have stepped back from the day-to-day managing of Wellness Appliances, I intend to continue contributing articles on subjects that matter to me from time to time. My days are largely filled volunteering at the local co-op, tooling in my vegetable and fragrance gardens (which I attempt to keep as a year-round gardens), writing, and being the leader of the pack to my two dogs Jacko and Lea. Thanks for the years of great readership! - Melissa

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