dōTERRA® Aroma Lite Diffuser Evaluation Review

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Essential oils have been used for centuries by distant past cultures from India, Asia, Egypt, and Native Americans. Today some people still practice the old-way traditions. For those who do not know how, we can purchase essential oil diffusers for the natural healing benefits of the essential oils made from nature’s magnificent healing plants.

A top quality diffuser is the dōTERRA® Aroma Lite for realizing the benefits from the oils for health while enjoying a beautiful fragrance. The diffuser can be attractive in your home, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, child’s room, spa, or salon complementing any décor.

Forming droplets of liquid, the micro-mist is dispersed saturating the air with fragrance for hours. The mist works as soon as the unit is turned on.

High Frequency Oscillation

The dōTERRA® Aroma Lite uses high-frequency oscillations when releasing the mist for up to 8 hours, depending on how you set the mist.

It performs without making much noise and exhibits powerful functioning with high frequency oscillation and instant atomization. Despite the fast release of the aroma oils, this diffuser allows a uniform spread as it forms an ultrafine mist that is achieved by the advanced technology used in this diffuser. The diffuser is very quiet and functions with its high frequency oscillation and atomization instantly. The dōTERRA® Aroma Lite disperses the beneficial and fragrant oils that fan out uniformly using its advanced technology.

Classy and Portable

This cool mist diffuser is by far one of the best-looking diffusers in the marketplace. The cord is attached to the bottom of the unit and plugs into a standard U.S.A. 120-Volt outlet. It is not compatible with 240-Volt outlets in other countries. The attractive unit is white and is small enough to be put in your purse or satchel and go with you anywhere. The diffuser operates only with the light on. If you turn the light off, the diffuser is off as well. The unit features four mist output settings and an optional night light.

Cleanses and Humidifies Air

The dōTERRA® Aroma Lite purifies the air you breathe making it free from microbes, bacteria, and viruses. It will humidity the air and the moisture created helps heal dry skin, sinusitis, allergies, and is great for healthy shiny hair. It is great in dry climate and dry homes when the heat is on during wintertime.

Why Should You Use It?

For a breath of fresh spring air, the night light glows a soft green and has 3 settings of low, high, and off. It will run from 4 to 8 hours and automatically shut off. You can rest assured that when using in your child’s room or your bedroom it will shut off when the water level is low. For relaxation and therapeutic benefits, even when traveling, this is the way to go. Vanilla is the go-to scent; if you want to be on cruise control to refocus and work on your to-do list, try Rosemary; and the scent of coffee energizes by smell. There is no need to drink coffee. Lavender is calming, reduces headache, is relaxing, and alters brainwave activity to achieve this. Essential oils are not included with the diffuser. To save time, order your essential oils and the diffuser at the same time to arrive at the same time.

What do Customers Say?

This diffuser is liked by customers for being easy to use, handle, and clean—just wash the reservoir in soapy hot water, rinse, and air dry. The option to control the spray of the mist from the unit can be controlled. This allows you to save the essential oils and use them for a prolonged period. Customers are very satisfied with the dōTERRA® essential oil diffuser. Users are also happy with the warranty in case something goes wrong. The automatic shutdown is an added benefit to buyers and many people enjoy the night light.


  • The diffuser runs from 4 to 8 hours
  • Creates a superfine mist and has real time atomization
  • It is lightweight and powerful and can be carried anywhere
  • It has four levels of output control
  • An optional lamp makes it user friendly during the night and traveling
  • Press the button once for 4 hours and twice for 8 hours run time
  • For intermittent operation of 8 hours select it to run 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off
  • Only 4 to 5 drops of essential oil needed for 4 or 8 hours of run time
  • Fill the reservoir with tap water and add dōTERRA® essential oil
  • Reservoir holds about 8 ounces of water and covers 400- 600-square feet
  • Gift-wrap available
  • User’s Manual included
  • 30-day warranty. You can return it within the first 30 days for a full refund with a 6-month exchange policy for a replacement diffuser within 6-months of purchase.

For relaxation, healing dry skin, help with allergies, anxiety, and even fear, nature’s essential oils have a proven record of accomplishment to back up its claim. Oils used in the most effective manner possible is achieved by using the dōTERRA® Aroma Lite Diffuser. It works very well in places that need humidity in the air and for a cleansing and refreshing the area.

Here are some oils you might like to try:

On Guard—kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and strengthens the immune system

  • Lemon—freshens, removes stickiness and disinfects
  • Wild Orange—Uplifts mood, calming, and is an antidepressant
  • Peppermint—refreshing, invigorating, and awakens
  • Lavender—soothers bug bites, sunburn, scratches, and is calming

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  1. Mine broke in 7 months with minimal use and Doterra wont stand by the product in fact after 30 minutes on hold I was given the wrong number to call for a possible manufacture warranty

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