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ArOmis Orbis Nox Merus Diffuser Review

This is one of the more popular nebulizer essential oil diffusers because of its cool vapor output, great automatic timer functionality, and quality construction. Professionals often use this diffuser in massage, spa, and yoga settings.

Diffuser Features and Specs

  • Diffuser Type: Nebulizer Diffuser
  • Max Run Time: 12 hours
  • Water Capacity (mL): N/A (Nebulizer diffusers don’t take water)
  • Vapor Amount (mL/hr): Vapor flow can be set to low, medium, high settings
  • Diffuser Coverage Area: Coverage area of up to 30′ x 30′ area
  • Adjustable Mist: Yes, use the dial on the front of the diffuser to set the misting flow to low, medium or high
  • Timer Features: The diffuser allows you to set it to run 1, 4, 8, and 12-hours of 10-minutes on and 10-minutes off so that you can set and forget it.
  • Intermittent/Continuous Timer: Yes, 10 minutes on/10 minutes off timer functionality
  • Auto Shut Off: Yes, The unit can be set to auto shut off after 1, 4, 8, or 12 hours
  • Material and durability: Hand-blown glass and Beechwood base. No plastics or BPAs (toxins) are used
  • Noise Level: Moderate. Not completely silent, but not loud either
  • Size and Weight: The dimensions are 11-inches tall x 7-inches wide at the base and it weighs about 1 pound
  • Lighting Features: No lighting feature

Why This Diffuser Is a Good Buy

We love this diffuser because it offers the core features you want in a nebulizer diffuser done extremely well, and the quality of materials and construction is unmatched.

Cool Vapor Output

This versatile unit produces a heat-free cool mist with no water used. The cool vapor output means no heat is produced, which can often have damaging or degrading effects on pure essential oils.

The adjustability of the vapor is a great feature. Not only can you adjust the vapor levels from low, medium, to high, but the direction of the flow can be adjusted too.
Atomized oils can be diffused up to a 30′ x 30′ area around the diffuser, which is on the longer side of most diffuser ranges.

Timer Functionality

This diffuser has an automatic shut off feature you can set for different lengths of time, and an intermittent 10 minutes on/10 minutes off feature so you can space the diffusing out over a longer period of time.

The diffuser can be set to run 1, 4, 8, or 12-hours of 10-minutes on and 10-minutes off so that you can set it and forget it, or else can be set to run for up to 12-hours continually before it will automatically shut off.

Quality Construction and Long Product Life

The materials used in this diffuser, a hand-blown glass top and a Beechwood base are of extremely high quality, and the construction is very solid. There are no plastics used in the diffuser and no BPAs (toxins), which means this product should have a very long lifespan and the atomizing of the essential oils should be clean and pure. The base of the unit is covered entirely in a non-slip rubber so that the unit will stay solidly wherever it’s placed. The ArOmis Orbis Nox Merus is made in the USA in Boulder, Colorado.

The dimensions are 11-inches tall x 7-inches wide at the base and the diffuser weighs about one pound.

ArOmis (unlike most diffuser makers) provides replacement parts for their diffusers past the 1-year Warranty.

Things Other Diffusers do Better

While this is one of our favorite nebulizer diffusers for the reasons above, there are some things other nebulizer diffusers do better, and things other types of diffusers do better.

More Steady Intermittent Timing Feature

One thing that other diffusers do well is offer a 2 min on, 1 min off feature which we find keeps a more steady atmosphere than the intermittent 10 minutes on/10 minutes off timer functionality of the ArOmis Orbis Nox Merus. Some diffusers we recommend that offer this 2min on, 1 min off timing feature are:

Lighting Features

While most nebulizer diffusers don’t feature lights, some do. If you’re looking for a nebulizer diffuser with good lighting options, we recommend:

Cleaning and Storage

Clean with simple rubbing alcohol. Wipe down surfaces, and let dry.

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