Welcome November Giveaway 2017

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Welcome November Giveaway 2017

Enter our Welcome November Giveaway from November 11 through 20 to win 2 fantastic products from Rocky Mountain OilsOnly one (1) winner will receive both products. The products have a 100%-off discount code and will be shipped directly from RMO with no shipping charges to the winner.  You will receive a 100%-off discount code when you win. The value is almost $100 at $98.33 for both products together! How cool is that?

The first item is the RMO Essential Oil Kit and the second item is the RMO Droplet Diffuser.

Prize: RMO Essential Oil Kit and RMO Droplet Diffuser

First GiftRocky Mountain Oils Concentration Essential Oils Kit

Check Price on RMO Website

You will love this 5-bottle collection of essential oil blends from RMO. They create a soft fragrant atmosphere, uplift mood, and improve the quality of air, not to mention therapeutic benefits.

Note:  Avoid using these oils if you are pregnant.

The kit consists of 15 mL (0.51 ounce) amber bottles of:

  • Attention Assist—strong, musky, woodsy with floral overtones combining Vetiver, Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood in a 66% base oil of Fractionated Coconut oil. The aroma might be strong at the beginning, it will smooth out producing a fragrance you will be crazy about.  You will focus your mind on whatever has your attention, feel grounded, and clear minded.
  • Orange (Citrus sinensis)—known also as Sweet Orange is a medium citrus with a sweet aroma that smells like you just cut a fresh orange. Its heavenly fragrance is just what you need for dry skin, oily skin tone, and you will cheer up if you are feeling down. Use it in your kids’ room to put them in a delightful mood and have them sleep well.
  • Energize—is a warm fruity fragrance with Lime and Clove Bud essential oils blended. It will uplift your mood and spirits, is balancing, and gives you an energy boost. Clove Bud is a hot oil, so be careful and use a carrier oil on the skin.
  • Joyful Moments—has fruity undertones with a woodsy aroma blending together Orange, Spruce, Pine, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, and Peppermint essential oils. You will indeed have joyful experiences with this blend when you put it in your diffuser to clean the air. Its fragrance increases mental attentiveness to invigorate and use for massages when diluted.
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)—smells a bit like camphor, is warm, woody, sweet, with a slight fragrance of a balsam tree. It’s good to use for a massage with a carrier oil, and to use on oily hair and skin. It is emotionally uplifting on a rainy day.

Jump for joy using the oils listed above in the RMO diffuser another gift in the Giveaway.

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Second GiftRocky Mountain Oils Droplet Diffuser

Check Price on RMO Website

Use the gift of essential oils with this stunning little blue diffuser that takes up little space running for 6 hours and covering a 400-square foot area at your home, office, or professional studio.  The color will fit any décor adding a touch of design accent. The unit rotates with a colorful mix of colors from blue, green, red, and purple to enjoy while the unit is misting. You can set the lights to rotate through all the colors, set to your favorite color, or turn off completely.

Fill the reservoir to the Max line with 150 mL (5-ounces) of water—I prefer distilled water to eliminate the minerals in tap water that stick inside. You can run it continuously or off. The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water is low.

The size is 4-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 3.75-inches deep. It uses a USB cable for power to plug into your computer or other devices, or use a USB adapter (not included) to plug into the wall outlet. The plastic is bisphenol A (BPA) free. You also will have RMO’s 1-year Warranty. Instructions are included for cleaning and other tidbits of useful information.

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Enter to win both prizes from November 11 through 20.  Good luck and enter as many times as you want to sit there and do it!

You will be getting a 100% off discount code from the manufacturer, Rocky Mountain Oils, paying no shipping charges!

Enter to win it!  Best of luck to all of you!




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