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Welcome and thanks for visiting our website! Check out what is going on in the delightful world of diffusers. We provide information about oils and other good things.

There are great things to experience here on https://wellnessappliances.com/ so be sure to check out our diffusers and 100% pure essential oils. We provide tips, how-to guides, and reviews to help you in your decision making process.

Over the past 8 months, we have had 14 different diffuser giveaways and 140 people have won to their delight! The diffusers are almost free except for shipping and handling costs. The diffusers are almost free except for shipping and handling costs. You, too, can enter to win, for example here.

This testimonial page is just for you where you can voice your ideas, opinions, and experiences with diffusers and essential oils. We just ask that you keep everything positive and no swear words. Tell us and other readers your journey and share the love. Many people benefit and life is good! We appreciate your thoughtful feedback.


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My friend who helps me stat educated and makes sure I know the latest when it comes to eos referred me to your site. She's pretty amazing and so is this site!

I am so grateful i had my diffuser this past month I had pneumonia and influenza and i started using my diffusers with different blends to help me breath and within a day I was feeling much better.

Amazing emails about essential oils keep me informed when I need them to and I live for WellnessAppliances.com

i recieved email about the product i was to recieve right away when there had been a issue.i had no problems with getting answers on how the issue would be resolved i love the fast response time and that there was a genuine care that the issue would resolved quickly i love the fast proccess and i received product quickly

Essential oils can make all the difference in your life! I use them for everything from a to z. They are great in the diffuser when you're sick! I cautiously use them on my children and pets. Always always always research before you use essential oils in a home with children and pets!

I won a diffuser last month... super fast shipping and awesome product. Love it!

Sometimes it is difficult for me to find how to enter these monthly contests. Once I click around, and I finally find the page where the contest is held, then it is easy to enter.

I love oils and not jist in my diffusers I use them for everything from jewelry when I have a stuffy nose to homemade cleaning products natural is always best

I have loved and been using essential oils for over 30 years. I haven't purchased cleaning products since discovering essential oils; I make my own with oils. This includes laundry soap, dryer sheets, spray cleaners, room fresheners, nasal inhalers. I could go on and on. I've just discovered this website and it has a wealth of information. I'm impressed so far.

I have loved and been using essential oils for over 30 years. I haven\'t purchased cleaning products since discovering essential oils; I make my own with oils. This includes laundry soap, dryer sheets, spray cleaners, room fresheners, nasal inhalers. I could go on and on. I\'ve just discovered this website and it has a wealth of information. I\'m impressed so far.

My husband and I starting using essential oils about a year ago and they have changed our lives. We both have been learning a lot on your website, and discovered using diffusers can be so beneficial! Thank you so much for creating this website! And thank you for offering these giveaways; they're very exciting and fun! Merry Christmas!

I've learned so much about brands I would have never been exposed to were it not for your site. Keep up the great work, Melissa! My goal is to have a diffuser for every room in my home plus one to give a friend for her husband who has severe medical problems. He's been deemed terminal, but I would like to gift them with an essential oils kit and diffuser for Christmas, as I have personally witnessed their healing powers firsthand.

I've learned so much about brands I wouldn't never been exposed to were it not for your site. Keep up the great work, Melissa! My goal is to have a diffuser for every room in my home plus one to give a friend for her husband who has severe medical problems. He's been deemed terminal, but I would like to gift them with an essential oils kit and diffuser for Christmas, as I have personally witnessed their healing powers firsthand.

Hoping to win a diffuser. Thanks for the chance!

I am very excited to begin my journey with essential oils will keep you updated on my progress

Love love this diffuser. Wonderful! Can't wait to try it

I was exited to revived my diffuser, but was a bit disappointed with its production of smell, and the large plug on such a small diffuser. It is pretty but not functional for my room, I can barely smell any fragrance from it. I can also here a buzz noise when it's on. So this is why I give it 2 stars.

I believe this company has your best interest at heart when it comes to comfort and health. !!!! Give them a try you wont be disapointed

My wife and I have been using essential oils for a little under a year. I was so skeptical at first, like a lot of people are...oils can help? oils can change my mood? No way..! Well, yes way 🙂 l love essential oils and how so simply pure and natural they are! I love your website, it is so useful and helpful! Thank you so much for creating this site!

I actually won the Ace Diffuser! I was shocked because you never know with some websites they are scams to get a bigger mailing list or whatever reason but you never actually win anything. Well I can verify I have nothing to do with this website or the people that run it and I live in a little town in Montana and came across this website and started entering the giveaways and I actually won the last giveaway of the ace diffuser! It was all legit! I recieved an email and went to Amazon and entered my code I received in my email and it worked and my diffuser is on its way! Thank you wellnessappliances.com!!

So thankful I came across this website. It's a wonderful idea.

Thank you for your thorough intelligent reviews. It helps me decide what works best for me.

I'm so excited and filled with gratitude to have won the November Thanksgiving Giveaway #1! I will definitely enjoy having a diffuser that is large enough to use in the main, open living space of my home, especially with the holidays and cold/flu season in full swing. It will be great for setting a cozy atmosphere while entertaining guests and keeping my family(including my 6 month old infant) healthy during the cooler winter months. Thanks again!

I Really Love Your Website! Pleased with Infor about About All the Different Kinds of Diffusers and What They Do or How They Differ! I Love that You Also Explain the Different Uses for Essential Oils and What Oils to Use for Different Things Which Essential Oils Work Best Together!

Love the giveaways but need a list of all products with prices and a phone number I have ms and this is difficult

Amazing giveaways and information-- how else would I have known how to thoroughly infuse my life with eucalyptus??

I love the information I get here. I love the giveaways also.

My husband was in the ICU with a resistant pneumonia and I learned that cassia oil removes the biofilm of the bacteria allowing the antibiotic to kill it. So, I applied it as a massage for a few days and he got better quickly after that! Hallelujah!!! Did you know hospitals across this country are combining EOs with their medical care protocols? They're finally wising up!

This site provides an immense amount of information on essential oils and diffusers: types, brands, etc. I was impressed with the very detailed info. This is a densely-packed site that can help inform you on a wide variety of oil-related topics.

This website is such a great way to learn about different essential oil and diffuser brands that are both high quality and affordable. And the amazing giveaways are a great bonus!

I was so excited to learn I head won one of the Pilgrim waterless diffusers. Oils and diffusers are not new to me, but a waterless diffuser is. I am looking forward to using my new diffuser when it arrives! I love the page and enjoy sharing the amazing giveaways with my friends.

I always enter Melissa's giveaways, so I was overwhelmingly excited when I got the email saying that I won a diffuser! I'm waiting on its arrival now and so thankful to Melissa and all of her hard work spreading the word on all things oils!

I'm a new oil girl who has just started her journey. Oils are amazing! Your website is a wealth of information!

I Know I'm Fairly New Here but I Really Love Your Website! I Like How You Talk About All the Different Kinds of Diffusers and What They Do or How They Differ! I Love that You Also Explain the Different Uses for Essential Oils and What Oils to Use for Different Things and I Love that You Talk About Which Essential Oils Work Best Together! I Love that You Have a Q&A Section in Case I Have a Question & I Love the Forum Where I Can Talk to Other Essential Oil Enthusiasts! I Just Tried Some of Your Essential Oils Recently and I Love Every Single One of Them, They Smell So Fresh & the Fragrance Really Sticks with You Instead of Fading After Only a Few Minutes! I Will Definitely Purchase More Essential Oils & Even Diffusers from You in the Future and I Will Certanily Keep You in Mind for Christmas Too! Thanks So Very Much to Melissa at Wellness Appliances! Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

Im fairly new to essential oils and diffusers I\'ve only been using them about a year now and the reason I say I\'m fairly new is because there\'s several years of material and research on using EO\'s that a year of use is considered new to me. Even though I still have several years worth of EO learning to go I can honestly say choosing to use essential oils instead of toxic chemicals is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my family and myself. I feel I\'ve learned so much and I\'m still learning each and every day, but I think one of the most important things that needs to be addressed and talked about when using, selling, or recommending essential oils is essential oil safety because when I first started out I had no idea that any type of precaution needed to be taken when using essential oils in my home especially since I have kids and pets. I\'m not saying they aren\'t safe for children and pets I\'m just saying there\'s precautions with certain oils if your using on or around children and pets. That\'s why I go by the advice of a certified aromatherapist when using on my children and my furbabies. I advise everyone that uses EO\'s to research for yourself (dont go by what your neighbor or anyone else tells you) from a trusted source such as a certified aromatherapist or a website that is well respected for knowing the chemical make up of EO\'s. There is tons of info out there when you do a simple google search for essential oil safety but remember to look at the source it\'s coming from first and see what their background in EO\'s is before you take their advice. The second most important thing people need to know (which goes hand in hand with EO safety) is not all essential oils are created equally meaning there are many floating around out there that say they are 100% essential oils but aren\'t they are full of alternates and dilutions. I myself have bought quite a few when I first started using essential oils. I think its important to stress to people that even though they have been told or think their self the EO they are buying is and very well may be pure and from a trusted company but asking for the companies 3rd party testing results so they can see their self what they are really buying is the only way to truly know for sure because if your buying essential oils for the therapeutic value if its full of junk its gonna do more harm than anything. Essential oils are not regulated, certified, inspected, or graded by anyone other than someone just like you and I. There\'s no fda that evaluates the said ingredients to make sure you are buying a 100% pure essential oil. I could bottle up canola oil and lemon juice slap a label on it that says 100 % pure therapeutic grade EO and sell a hundred bottles a day because there\'s no one there to stop me. I will say this though if it says USDA certified organic it does mean the plant/flower/seed that was used was certified by the USDA as grown organically but thats it, it has nothing to do with whatever happens after that like the extraction method or whats really in the bottle but in my opinion if a company goes through everything you have to go through and pay a butt load of money in order to be certified USDA organic they mean well and probably aren\'t going to mess with the purity. When you ask for 3rd party testing results you are protecting yourself and your family from possible toxic chemicals and in my opinion if a company that sells essential oils don\'t have them tested after getting them from their source they have no idea what they are really selling. People need to know this. I love my essential oils. I use them everyday for health reasons, in my home made personal care products, to clean my house with, and many more things. EO\'s have so many great benefits but as I already said safety should come first and knowing what your really buying and how to safely use them is the first step in keeping yourself and your family safe.

Love going to this website and checking out their blog and giveaways.

Melissa, you are so amazing! It's so wonderful what you're doing to encourage essential oil usage! These giveaways are fantastic! You're truly a great person!

I love this site and I have to say it is awesome I won one of the diffusers last month and I love it. Thank you Melissa for taking your time to do all of this

I'm Somewhat New to Wellness Appliances but I Love the Website Already! I Love that You Have Such a Great Variety of Aah-mazing Diffusers to Choose From & I Love that You Explain the Difference Between Each One and How They Work! I Really Love How Interactive Your Website is and How You Have a Question & Answers Section in Case I Have a Question! I Love Learning About All of the Different Essential Oils & How They are Used! I Love that You Have a Forum for People Like Me that are Crazy About Aromatherapy and We Can Talk to One Another! I Love Reading Everyone Else\'s Positive Feedback of Your Website Too & It Seems that Everyone Has Such Great Experiences Too! Thanks Again Wellness Appliances, Have a Blessed Day Everybody! - Jana

Love the chance to win a diffuser or package of essential oils. This website is very well put together.

I absolutely love this website, the products, and the information shared.

The diffusers are wonderful and I will eventually have one in every room. The essential oils I use for many many reasons. I use lavender a lot for anxiety, calmness and for my children to relax more. Peppermint, and I haven't used much more but winning the essential oils would be a blessing as well as another diffuser! 🙏😁

This company is awesome. I trust their oils are pure. Great giveaways, which I don't know of any other company to do so like this one. The give always are fun. It's always exciting to win something, esp something dealing with essential oils!

I am so grateful to your company for all you do to help spread education of essential oils therapy to people around the world. You provide an opportunity to many people, such as myself who's incomes are restricted fromeing ablebto purchase essential oils or diffusers, products etc. I am blessed to have discovered your amazing company and thank you from the bottom of my heart! 😊

I am furious I have to pay shipping on a diffuser I "won"! I have never in my entire life or anyone else I know, had to PAY to have what they won shipped to them... BOGUS!

Now Brand Ultrasonic Circular Dual Mist Diffuser is a great value. The lights are perfect for bedtime. The tank holds a lot of water, it last around 6 hours. You can set a timed run by pushing one button. No worries about running it dry, tank shuts off automatically. I love it

Great reliable information. Plan to buy a diffuser through the site. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks wellnessappliances for sharing your knowledge of Essential oils with us.

i love your defusers and your oils!

Great website and great give aways

I absolutely love diffusers and will eventually have one in every room and this giveaway would add that one more! This a a way for me to feel relaxed, relief stress or anxiety or just happiness in the room. And I love them for my children as well specially for night night time

Thanks for the wealth of information provided on your site. I was impressed with the indepth- company/product reviews and general information. You have a straight forward, comprehensive site that really provides a service. Kudos on a site well-constructed.

I Absolutely Love Wellness Appliances & I Highly Recommend This Site to Everybody! I'm an Aromatherapy Fanatic and Scents Can Do So Many Wonderful Things Like Energize, Relax, or Trigger Pleasant Memories! Nothing is Better than Walking into a Home that Smells So Nice & Cozy and Wellness Appliances Will Help You Select the Perfect Appliance to Scent Your Home with Such Wonderful Aromas! Thanks So Much Wellness Appliances, I Will Certainly Remember You at Christmas Time! Thanks Everyone, Have a Pleasant Day!

So excited to say that the diffuser I want came in the mail today from Amazon I am so excited to be able to use this for my family especially since fall and winter are coming to help keep colds at Bay.

I found very helpful and knowledgeable things on your website about oil. After read about Therapeutic-grade Essential Oil, I checked the oil, I am using and instantly throw it out. I just wanna say that keep up the good work and increase our knowledge for different items also.

I am new to essential oils and using a diffuser. I am so glad I found Melissa's page "Essential Oil Diffusers Do It For Life" to help me learn all the benefits and the products that are available. She has pack site full of information.

I was skeptical when I saw a few friends starting to use essential oils. I thought it was all a way just to spend a crazy amount of money for something that might not even work. It started one day when I got a headache at work and a co-worker handed me a little bottle of 'PastTense' and told me to rub some on my temples and the back of my neck. The scent was pleasant, so I tried it. Within 20 minutes, the oil started to warm up on my skin and my headache was going away. I asked her for more a few days later and she ended up giving me an extra she had. So happy! Then my cousin began purchasing oils and attending seminars to learn more about them. She gave me samples and I tried using 'On Guard' when my daughter was getting sick and congested. She normally couldn't sleep through the night with congestion, but the On Guard helped her breathe easier and she didn't remain sick for very long. I was hooked. Now, I've purchased several different oils to help with sickness within my home. I purchased a diffuser and also received one in a giveaway from welnessappliances.com. I continue to visit the website for tips and information on essential oils.

I have had a great experience with Wellness Appliances! And signing up for the giveaways is so easy! I have raved about this site to my fellow oil lovers to enter the giveaways! I have won a diffuser last year and my family uses it all the time. This site is so giving and the items are top quality as reviewed on Amazon!

Love your diffusers! And LOVE your contests!

This is something I've wanted for a long time. I am a caregiver, work, take care of a hour etc. Many others are in my position. I used to take Yoga which was great but time does not allow this anymore. I have just started using Essential Oils and they are wonderful. I would love to have a diffuser for relaxing. Your oils are fantastic! Thank you.

I entered one of these contests and won a diffuser. It wasn't hard at all. I got an email with the code and sent off for it. Love the diffuser. Thanks so much.

My daughter won one of your diffusers and I loved it when I saw it. Great way to get your products out there. I would love to win one.

I've found this website to be truly helpful in finding the perfect diffuser to meet our needs. Melissa highly recommended the Cool Breeze dinosaur egg shaped diffuser for my little baby's room and I couldn't be happier with it. It seems to be great quality, it has all the features I was looking for in a diffuser (most importantly a long run time), and is pretty cute - especially for a child's room. I've been hoping to win another diffuser for my other son's room, but haven't had much luck yet in these giveaways. So I went ahead and bought a second Cool Breeze diffuser since I liked it so much (that and I thought my toddler would love the cool dinosaur egg that changes colors - although I'll still probably keep the light off at night 😉 )! At any rate, I truly appreciate Melissa's recommendation and reviews on this website, because there are a TON of diffusers, brand names (often overseas), and info out there, and it can be quite overwhelming trying to sift through which are truly good quality products or not (true/honest testimonials vs. paid for/biased testimonials). Melissa offers an unbiased professional opinion on all her diffusers and you can be assured you're getting a quality product!

This is nice that you have made reviews for many of the main diffusers on the market. It would be nice if you could distinguish more between products. Bragging about the holistic benefits of EOs does not help us discern which products are junk and will break down in 3 months

I have heard so many positive things about your giveaways. My friend, Donna, told me about her wonderful diffuser that doesn't use water. She was very pleased. I am excited to see if I too, can win!

I also won a diffuser in a giveaway contest. It has multiple settings and 7 different colored lights. It works quietly and efficiently and sits on my night table. I am impressed with this website. It is informative and easy to navigate. Thank you for all your hard work in maintaining this website.

Your information & giveaway contests are awesome. I am trying to get my grown kids into using essential oils !

I am new to your site, amazing information and very helpful also. I started using essential oils about a year ago and have never looked back. I will be visiting your site daily now and can't wait to get to know this site inside and out. Thank you

It was so exciting to win a essential oil diffuser! It is very simple to use, it works wonderful. Thank you

I have always been on the go. My planner filled from dawn till dusk. I struggled with managing my Anxiety & keeping stress at bay. This article was a gamechanger - Top 10 Best Essential Oils For Treating Anxiety - (Link is below) I use Ylang-Ylang & Nerolin daily to prevent & treat attacks. Sandalwood & lavendar are my go to\'s for relaxation & ridding stress. Wellnessappliances provided the tools & knowledge needed to restore joy & peace in my life. I hope you find your \"essential\" oils too. https://wellnessappliances.com/best-essential-oils-for-treating-your-anxiety/

This is my first time on your website but I am very impressed. There is a very good amount of information about essential oils and diffusers. I have already learned more about diffusers just reading over your website than I had learned in my own research. Great job.

It was quite refreshing to come across a site that offers everything from product to advice - and not something that is just put together. I find the information informative and have aided me in deciding what I need. A simple fact as to knowing the difference between a diffuser and a dehumidifier and a humidifier, and also air diffuser. wellnessappliances.com is the place to go with all your questions because you will find the answers.

The best delivery method for an EO is a tough choice. Though somewhat garbled in logical order (re-read it and rearrange), this site provides a great overall explanation regarding which type of diffuser to choose. Of course, your list of well-regarded models is VERY helpful to weed out the possibility of a terrible buying choice.

This is my first time to your website, but I found it very easy to navigate and I love the look of your diffusers! Can't wait to use one with my essential oils!

Great site - love reading reviews and can't wait to possible win a diffuser ! Thanks

I love reading reviews on oils and diffusers. I won one here on this site and I am so pleased with it, I had to buy another for a wedding gift.

I'm loving my new diffuser! It's perfect and lasts for quite awhile. Thank you for the win!

I was luck to win the Lagute 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser with 4 Timer Settings, 7 Color Lights and Auto Shut-off Function. It has far exceeded my expectations! I love the timer function. I set if for an hour at bedtime and it doesn\'t just run and run all night until it runs out of water like my other diffuser does. The colors are nice and bright enough to be fun, but subtle enough to not be a nuisance. The reservoir is large and the diffuser is very easy to fill, refill, and clean. I use oils in a number of different ways other than aromatherapy. I use them mainly for cleaning. Lemon is a great garbage disposal freshener and tea tree is great for break outs. I also make my own linen spray using lavender, lemon, distilled water, and vodka (you can also use witch hazel). Thank you again so much for the chance to win, I am so pleased with this diffuser!!

Love diffusing and was so happy to win a diffuser that only cost me pennies!

I love my diffuser I received for 90% off. I use all kinds of oils and its very easy to use. Love it!!!! I would recommend this diffuser to my friends and family.

I won a Gentle Breezes essential oil diffuser ( 90% 0ff) and gave this wonderful diffuser as a gift. My friend reports she loves this diffuser. It is easy to use and once "on", the room smells great. She is very sensitive to sound and she did not notice any annoying noises from the Gentle Breezes diffuser. I also love the larger water container of this particular model.

I won a discount rate on the Cool Breeze Diffuser I purchased it and love it!!! I use it every day !!! It is absolutely the best. Look forward to winning!! I love how it changes color and would recommend it to anyone. 😊

I was surprised that I won a diffuser. It was the Gentle Breezes diffuser by Spa Free. It has rotating luminous lights. It can mist up to 7 hours on the setting of once every 30 seconds or so. I thought it was very quiet and had a good mist output. I like to use Lavender, Peppermint and Marjoram when I have a headache. I'm so happy with this diffuser. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Thank you.

I won the Mystical Breath© Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier and find that it works well in a small space. It is currently in my office cube. Seems to have a large capacity to run for most of the day. Thank you!

I love the LAGUTE diffuser!! It holds enough essential oil & water (300 mL)to last all night. There are 3 settings for running time and 2 mist adjustments. Would highly recommend this diffuser!!

I am very happy to have won a diffuser and a set of oils. I have been using a larger diffuser for a couple of years, but this one is perfect for a small space. It can also be used in your car when you travel as well as in a hotel room. I use it for sinus problems as well as general health, depending on the oils used. Of course lavender is great for bedtime or to relax with. I love the fact that you can gently scent your home without putting toxic chemicals in the air, which almost any other method does. The only problem I had with the diffuser I won is that it only has a USB plug, not a regular electric plug, so I had to purchase an inexpensive adapter for it. It is possible to plug it into a computer or laptop the way it comes. I'm sure I will get years of joy from this attractive little unit. Thanks again!

I won the gentle breezes diffuser. I love it. It last for 8 hours and the oils smell so great! I would recommend this diffuser and wellnessappliances.com for choosing the best diffuser.


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