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Welcome and thanks for visiting our website! Check out what is going on in the delightful world of diffusers. We provide information about oils and other good things.

There are great things to experience here on https://wellnessappliances.com/ so be sure to check out our diffusers and 100% pure essential oils. We provide tips, how-to guides, and reviews to help you in your decision making process.

Over the past 8 months, we have had 14 different diffuser giveaways and 140 people have won to their delight! The diffusers are almost free except for shipping and handling costs. The diffusers are almost free except for shipping and handling costs. You, too, can enter to win, for example here.

This testimonial page is just for you where you can voice your ideas, opinions, and experiences with diffusers and essential oils. We just ask that you keep everything positive and no swear words. Tell us and other readers your journey and share the love. Many people benefit and life is good! We appreciate your thoughtful feedback.


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I am loving the wealth of information on the website! A great source for a newbie such as me

Through you guys I gave learned about different types of essential oils as well as diffuser. I have been blessed win a diffuser and its absolutely amazing. I would.love to win another one for my.bedroom to help with my granddaughter breathing at night. You guys have done so much for so many people who otherwise wouldn\\\\\\\'t have exposure to essential oils or diffuser. May God bless you all Thank you so much

I\'m obsessed with Essential Oils. Use them everyday. Love all your contests, but I would really love to win this diffuser! Thank you.

This site its amazing keep up with the good work guys ! 😀

Your website looks great. Thank you

I love this website. I'm a firm believer in the power of aromatherapy!

I love Melissa's giveaway's and the site, which is full of brilliant information.

I Really Love Wellness Appliances and I Really Love Melissa Too, She’s So Sweet! I Really Love This Website, I First Found This Website Almost Two Years Ago & I Have Been Here Ever Since! I Love How Organized the Website is Because it Makes Everything So Easy to Find and I Love the Forum and the Section On Essential Oils Too! Thanks So Much for Making My Time Here Enjoyable! Have a Blessed Day! 🙏🏻✌🏻

I won a high end diffuser from one of the giveaways. I was contacted very quickly and instructed how to order it. I was very impressed by the speed in which it was handled and received. I was able to introduce a friend to this same product and he ordered it.

Ever since I have discovered this site, I have begun learning about essential oils and diffusers and how they can benefit my family\'s health! Great resource!

This site offers all in one research for you she does all the hard work that i would do and post it for all she is honest and i like the site because i trust her opinion and you know that is hard to find


It's great to read reviews from someone not trying to sell the oils or products. Lots of great information on this site

I love getting all the information your site and reading everything to understand more. I love oils and all natural things. Keep up the good work!

I love all the info on this site and how easy it is to find answers to common questions. Great job! You have a loyal fan here!

I love this site. There is so much information on essential oils and diffusers. They are very nice to have giveaways also.

Love the chances to win a diffuser. Also like reading up on other types of diffusers.

Love your diffusers and aroma oils

I enjoy your website , thanks for all the information about different oils and different diffusers . Now when the season of colds, stuffed noses is here I'm a strong believer in the power of oils.

love the page and all the information

I was recently diagnosed with an illness and use every trick in the book to de-stress and diffusers is one of them. I can\'t tell you enough how great they are. I don\'t have one with water, that would be fantastic, but a nice calming vanilla scent goes a long way towards keeping me sane when I need it most. Mine is a small thing that I picked up at a fair, but it\'s gotten tons of use. Now I need to load up the rest of my house so I can keep the stress to a minimum. If you haven\'t tried this trick yet, I highly recommend it for anything from stress to anxiety - these work!!!!

I love visiting Wellness Appliance. I like to see the new diffuses and hear the reviews.

This is my first time visiting. I like your page. It's very informative, easy to navigate and love the giveaways. I will be returning 🙂

Love your diffusers and aroma oils

I Absolutely Love Wellness Appliances, I Visit This Website Everyday! Melissa Has Always Been So Kind to Me and She Really is So Knowledgeable When it Comes to the Different Diffusers & Essential Oils! I Have Learned So Much on This Website and I Love Interacting With Other Aromatherapy Fanatics Like Me On the Forum! I Really Love the Section On Essential Oils Too, I Like to Know Which Essential Oils Pair Well Together, I Like Knowing How to Use the Essential Oils, & I Also Like to Know How Different Essential Oils Can Help With Different Ailments & Health Problems! Thanks So Much Melissa & Wellness Appliances for Making My Experience Here a Very Pleasant One! Lots of Love, Jana! 👍🏼❤️💋

I Love Wellness Appliances and Melissa is So Sweet! The Website is Put Together So Well and it's So Organized! I Love Interacting With Others on the Forum, I've Met Some Really Nice a People There! I Love the Essential Oils Section BecauseI Have Learned So Much About Essential Oils, Like How to Use The and Which Ones Pair Together Well! I'm So Grateful for the Humidifier and the Diffuser That I Won and I Really Love Them Both! Thank You So Very Much Wellness Appliances & Melissa! Well Thanks So Much for Taking the Time to Read My Review, I Really Appreciate it! Have a Blessed Day!

I Love Wellness Appliances and Melissa is So Sweet! The Website is Put Together So Well and it's So Organized! I Love Interacting With Others on the Forum, I've Met Some Really Nice a People There! I Love the Essential Oils Section BecauseI Have Learned So Much About Essential Oils, Like How to Use The and Which Ones Pair Together Well! I'm So Grateful for the Humidifier and the Diffuser That I Won and I Really Love Them Both! Thank You So Very Much Wellness Appliances & Melissa! Well Thanks So Much for Taking the Time to Read My Review, I Really Appreciate it! Have a Blessed Day!

After winning my first diffuser here, I love it! I began using Lavender at night in our bedroom and we are so impressed at how well we fall asleep and stay asleep. My hubby now wants to have one in every room! We are both now researching which scents to explore and love your website!

Great, think about this to heal my nose

It is because of this site that i got into essential oils and diffusers and feel better for it.

I really enjoyed your website I love the variety of different oils different diffusers I definitely will enjoy your website

I won a diffusers here on this blog and since having that ive used almost everyday to calm me and release moisture in the air coming here ive learned the difference in oils and diffusers as well as which oil does what so i appreciate the time this blog takes in helping me learn

i love this site always helpful and up to date on the latest diffusers .. love melissa so wonderful and helpful def recommend to friends

I love coming to this website to check for diffuser giveaways. The contests are fun and I love the diffuser I won.

Great products!

Amazing site with a plethora of all things essential oils!! Will be a frequent visitor 😍

Absolutely love this website. Essential oils, diffusing has changed my life. This site is informative on all things essential oils and diffusers. Thank you.

Hi Everyone I Hope Everyone is Doing Well! 😁 I Really Just Want to Talk About How Much I Love Wellness Appliances, it Truly is One of My Absolute Favorite Websites! I Have Actually Met a Couple of Friends That Are as Crazy About Aromatherapy as I Am! I Love How Friendly Everyone Always is But I Think it\'s Probably Not Very Often That You Will See an Angry Person on a Website About Aromatherapy Because Chances are if You Are Using Essential Oils for Your Mood & Wellbeing Then You Are Probably Not a Crazy Rage-aholic! Lol! I Think This Website is Great for Those That Are Interested in Getting a Diffuser or Humdifier But Are Really Sure Which One Does What & Which One is Right for Them! I Sure Learned a Lot About Diffusers That I Didn\'t Know, Like the Difference Between an Ultrasonic Diffuser or a Nebulizing Diffuser! I Would Definitely Recommend This Website to Others & I Am Very Happy That I Found This Site a Few Years Ago! Thanks So Much Melissa for All of the Hard Work That You\'ve Put into This Website and Thanks for All of Your Generous Giveaways! Have a Blessed Day Friends! - Jana 💋😍❤️

All is fine and helpful

I'm so glad Melissa started this page. This site is awesome for education about these products. Very helpful in decision making.

I like using lavender EO to help me sleep.

I love that there are reviews for a wide variety of products from essential oils, to diffusers. Very helpful information!

If your looking for knowledge of essential oils and how to use them you have found the right place to be. This is the best informational web site for essential oils that I have read.

Essential oils have become a very important aspect of my everyday life. I am always searching for information, recipes, and products to deliver the oils in the matter that they need to be used whether from a diffuser, as a roll on or straight from the bottle. I love your comparisons, research and overall help with essential oils.

Great products for a great price! Can't wait to try more oils

I love this website! I depend on it to get information that is up-to-date on all types of diffusers. I have increased my knowledge because of Melissa.

I'm really glad that people care about alternative medicine 🙂 it's something that sadly has been a bit neglected since 18th century in America and Europe... Finally a turning point!!

I Absolutely Love Wellness Appliances, It's Definitely One of My Favorite Websites! I'm an Aromatherapy Fanatic So I Love to Look at All of the Amazing Diffusers, Humidifiers, & More! I Love How Informative Your Website is, I Learn So Many Things About Diffusers, Essential Oils, & Much More! I Love That You Have a Forum Where I Can Interact With Others Who Are Passionate About Aromatherapy, Diffusers, & Many Other Things! I Really Love the Essential Oils Section a Lot Because I Have Learned So Much About All of the Different Essential Oils, Which Ones Pair Well Together, All of the Different Ways You Can Use Essential Oils, & How They Are Good for Different Ailments & Health Problems! Most of All I Love How Friendly Melissa is and How Welcome I Feel on This Website! All of the Pelople That I Have Met Here or On the Forum Are All Really Nice Too! Well Thanks Again for Taking the Time to Read My Review, I Would Have Wrote it Sooner But I Have a Lot of Health Problems & Chronic Pain So I Just Haven't Felt Too Good! Well Thanks Again, Have a Blessed Day Everyone! - Jana


I love diffusers! So thankful for this website. They discuss all things aromatherapy-related. I have learned about diffusers, humidifiers and different essential companies. Thank you.

Aromatherapy has helped my family, my clients and even my own allergies, headaches, mood, etc. Thank you!

Thanks to Melissa’s excellent recommendation, I bought a Cool Breeze diffuser for my youngest son’s room. I loved it so much, I bought another one for my older son’s room! I love them: They are perfect for a child’s room since they look like an egg and are very colorful (with the option to turn lights off – which is usually how I have it). But my sons still love to look at and point to the egg! 😉 I love that they are low maintenance and easy to clean. They can hold a lot of water (ie able to run all night long) and there is an automatic shut-off when the water runs low. I also appreciate the ability to adjust the mist spray – most of the time I have it on a low mist, but like the ability to be able to set it to a high mist if my children are sick and need more of a humidifier effect (but still not so much water output that I need to worry about mold/mildew issues). I’m hoping to get a diffuser for my own bedroom, one of these days! Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to win one! We’ll see. I have been fortunate enough to win a few of the giveaways Melissa has made available to us, so I can definitely vouch that these giveaways are legit and very much possible to win! I am so grateful for this very helpful website – which I refer to whenever I’m looking for information on essential oils or diffusers. I am also very grateful for all the giveaway opportunities Melissa makes available to us and for all the opportunities to submit multiple entries to increase our chances! I highly recommend! Thank you.

Diffusing has helped me with autoimmune disease, has cheered my entire family. Every night is a new blend of my favorite oils. I can't say enough for health and spiritual benefits.

I am new to this and I absolutely love your site for all of it's extremely useful information.

I have been given essential oils to use in the past and LOVE them! Now I need a new diffuser to use them! PICK ME! PICK ME!

I love essential oils and the diffusers in my home and in my therapy room make it very relaxing and enjoyable. They also help with allergy season, rowdy kids, and migraines!

I absolutely love aromatherapy diffusers. I use various essential oils. Some mostly for my headaches and it does help and is very relaxing. I have given these to friends and family.

I think your website is WONDERFUL, I love the product you offer and the site is well set up!

So glad I found this site. These giveaways are so exciting. The website is educational as well as beautiful.

I love of all your products and wish I could have them all. Everything looks so appealing and neat. I love the designs of your diffusers as well

I have always been pleased with the different types of products u have to look through. I love all the designs as well. It is easy to navigate on the website.

Wellness apliances is so informative and just awesome, generous people. The website is very easy to use and informative. I have been blessed with winning a code for a free diffuser in the past and and everything was just as promised. These guys are legit and offical. They go out of their way to present, review and offer vast information about essential oils, diffusers and other awesome products. Wellness Appliances ROCK 😍

This site is so nice, easy to navigate, and full of helpful information. They make it easy to learn about essential oils.

I love essential oils they have great smells are relaxing they have also helped with my breathing. Love the information an tips on your website

This site is great. Everything is so easy to find and I've never used an air purifier so this has enabled me to try something new!

So glad I found this website. It has enabled me to learn more about diffusers and even win one!

I love the variety of oils!!! Great quality!

i love all them they are the coolest..

I have the Zen Breeze diffuser...easy to clean, easy to use, timer feature is nice, very quiet, the light feature is fun to have. Highly recommend.

I first got into diffusers because of this site. It was very informative and lent a lot to what type/kind I wanted and how to efficiently use them. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn and/or get into using diffusers visits this site.

Diffusers and EO's have really changed my life in many ways with all my major health issues! Safe way to help me not have to take as many oral medications !

I like what I see so far!

Love the amount of information available on diffusers.

I love running diffusers in different parts of my house. That way I can get different whiffs in different rooms as I go about my day. This website offers giveaways of diffusers and that is wonderful. I love learning about essential oils and enjoy making blends to diffuse. Thanks for running this website and educating me about the different types of diffusers.


Essential oils are awesome

Anyone who needs in-depth advice or information on health and well-being need look no further There is a wealth of information/advice ready You\'ll never be disappointed with your experience

Awesome site and very informative...

I live in an apartment and my apartment is in the back part of the building and it is so dusty. My husband and myself had not ever woke up without coughing and sneezing, even in the summer and it was because of all the dust. I found myself having to dust just about everyday, it was crazy. We now have a diffuser that we keep in the front room and it works but I think it\'s too small to get all the way back to my bedroom really well but in the front of my apartment it works great, the air is so clean and you can really tell the difference. I started to put the diffuser in my bedroom at night and in the morning i\'ll put it back in the front room and since doing that I have not woke up coughing or sneezing or my husband. I love diffusers and so does my husband and I\'m always telling all my friends they need to get them one. Like I said earlier, i\'m still learning about diffusers but I think I can learn everything I need to know about them on your site, it\'s a wonderful, very informative site.

I love my diffuser and the essential oils are terrific... makes my house smell great!

love this very informative site ails easy to find what i am looking for and never have any hassles in prices service or site love it

This looks like great product I hope I win so I can explain exactly how great it is

Love your site and all the information you give.Been using essential oils since 2001 in various things such as homemade soaps, lotions, scrubs, and running 2 diffusers daily. Can't praise the essential oils enough.

I have never used one, but from what I read about them I could really use one. I suffer from several medical issues. Some fairly serious, requiring medications. I\'m always looking for better and healthier ways to take care of my body, home and pets and try to cut back on medications. I got a lot of information from the site.

I think it's very important to educate people about using essential oils safely especially when they are just starting out in the essential oil world. I also believe it's important that when you recommend an oil or company that you know where and how it was sourced but more importantly you know it has not been altered by reviewing 3rd party testing results that should be provided by whoever is selling the essential oils. I also believe it's not the name or brand of a company that makes it safe to use but the facts that back it up such as 3rd party testing. Essential oils have become the new "fad" and everyone is using them so in my opinion it's even more important to know before recommending that they are pure and unaltered. I myself didn't know anything about essential oils when I first started out and there are mountains of good and bad information out there on using essential oils but it's imperative that you do your own research instead of just going on someone's recommendation. I believe if a company that sells essential oils care about their customers they will make sure what they are selling is pure by sending it to 3rd party testing before ever letting it get in the hands of the customer. There's many companies our there that sell their oils for therapeutic use that don't have a clue to what's really in the bottle they are selling, this is where it can get dangerous especially if someone decides to put a few drops in their water to consume. If it's been altered bad things can happen so please people make sure what your using or recommending to others is pure before doing so by asking for the 3rd party testing results. I love my essential oils I use them everyday but if the people that sell and recommend to others don't start practicing safety then the government will get involved because there is way to much misinformation floating around out there that people are going by that leads to accidents and situations that could of been prevented.

Absolutely wonderful site filled with great information for all users. Good quality products and great guidance on which one to choose!

I love the diffusers! Aromatherapy is so soothing and helps eliminate stress for me.

this looks so nice..

Love the selection of diffusers! Diffusing is so uplifting!

I absolutely love this page new to essential oils and have learned so much! Thank you!

I suffer from several medical issues. Some fairly serious, requiring medications. I'm always looking for better and healthier ways to take care of my body, home and pets and try to cut back on medications. Essential oils in diffusers and on cotton balls have helped heal my sick animals (my tomcat Daisy is a little thug), clear up stuffy noses from colds, kept the flu at bay using Thieves and another mix and they make my home smell lovely. They are much better than air fresheners and healthier! Please read before using any oils on you or your pets.

I'm testifying on the diffusers I have now. I suffer from several medical issues. Some fairly serious, requiring medications. I'm always looking for better and healthier ways to take care of my body, home and pets. Essential oils in diffusers and on cotton balls, etc., have helped heal sick animals, clear up stuffy noses from colds and make my home smell lovely. TO me they are better than air fresheners and healthier and you can create your own scents! Please read before using any oils on you or your pets.

I love this diffuser ,it was easy to use and and I was shocked at how well it worked ,I got this to use in my son's room he is very ill and has nose bleeds alot but I've had this running for a good 2 weeks and since then no nose bleeds and it's cool !!

I love how easy it is!

Simply amazing!!

I love the great and vivid information contained herein in that it provided me with the proper particulars as to specifications and quality ranges. I give 4 and one half stars on great and informative review of the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews.

Awesome diffusers

I believe the diffuser kept the flu at bay in our home this past winter! I diffused thieves oil most of the time and it really seemed to help. It was the first winter without the flu in a long time! I will definitely be doing it again next winter. It is strictly my opinion that it helped to ward off the flu. I live for essential oils and diffusers!!

great range and prices! index browsing of products could be more streamlined.

Excited about all the different diffuser options to choose from!!!


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