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One year blog giveawayHi everybody,

If you have arrived at our website for the first time, or if you have entered our drawings to win a diffuser, but you have not won in the Giveaway Promotions to include the April BURRE Beauty diffuser shown here, now is your chance to win one of 12 stunning and functional Gentle Breezes diffusers.

The entry starts April 6 and ends April 20, 2016.

All you need to do is:

  • Write a story of at least 100 words sharing your experience using essential oils, specific essential oil brands that you like, or essential oil blends at our form below.
  • Leave your name and your email for contacting you. We will collect all emails and choose the winner randomly by using this website https://www.random.org and that way there is no bias.

The Giveaway has ended, but you can share your story here: Be a Contributor to Win a Free Diffuser!


Congratulations to the 12 winners:

  • Arlene
  • Eriko
  • Cheryl
  • Dave
  • Ieshania wheeler
  • Renee
  • Laurelanne
  • Cynthia
  • Beca
  • Melissa
  • Jenni
  • Marlo

There are 12 stories so far:

From Renee:

I have just recently started using essential oils and have been researching different uses for them. My husband starting having heel pain (plantar fasciitis). I turned to essential oils (tea tree oil and Eucalyptus in a carrier oil) and massaged on feet twice a day… This has helped reduce the pain. I also been using it for knee and shoulder pain. I haven’t started diffusing yet, I am still trying to figure out which one will work best on a limited budget. The other essential oil I have been using is Grapefruit oil. I have been adding a few drops to my water to aid with weight loss… haven’t been using it for long, so not sure how this will work. The next thing I am going to try is essential oils for a bug repellent.

From Laurelanne Davis:

I recently began using Doterra oils and oil diffusers. I really like serenity and balance blends. They are relaxing and smell amazing. Not only do I diffuse them but also combined them with a carrier oil and made a roller ball as well. It really helps with anxiety and stress and feels relaxing to breathe in. Another good bright uplifting smelling oil blend is Citrus Bliss which I have even worn like perfume and makes your house smell great if you clean with it. I recently got sick and have been diffusing Onguard, lemon and oregano oils together and rubbing them on my feet with FCO as a carrier oil. It seems like o be making a big difference and I think it really is helping me get better faster. I am just learning how to use oils properly and use them on a daily basis. They have changed my life and my family’s health as well and my house always smells nice without using chemical air fresheners. I can’t wait to see what other uses I can discover and find some new favorite oils.

From Cynthia Messinger:

I’ve been using essential oils for about fifteen years. Since then my family has used oils for everything from nutrition, healing to emotional well being. Some of my favorite oils are rose otto, orange, lemon, lavendar, frankinscense, clary sage, peppermint, lemon, sandalwood and vetiver. Some of the companies that I’ve purchased oils from Anatolian Treasures, Natures Gift, Mountain Rose Herbs and have been pleased with the oils. I’d like to have feedback from others that have purchased from these companies as well as other companies. I’ve never used an actual diffuser, just an oil burner and candle. I’ve recently become interested in using one, which led me to your web site. Thank you for your reviews and opinions. I look forward to learning more!

From Beca:

I have chronic illness from a brain injury that impedes me from using anything with artificial scents. So I have been slowly incorporating essential oils over the last couple years. I use them for homemade cleaning products, homemade personal care products, diffusing, pet shampoo, etc. So far I have been buying the cheaper brand, like Aura Acacia for budgetary reasons. Since I have been unresponsive to prescription medicine I’m interested in branching out in my EO use,, expanding my use to medicinal purposes. To that end I’m trying to learn more about EOs, learning what uses specific oils have. The two brands I would like to use are doTerra and Young Living Oils, since these are the two about which I have found most information for therapeutic purposes. By this I mean, I know which blends of these brands work for which maladies.

From Arlene:

About two years ago I started using Tea Tree Essential Oil for our small household mold problem, along with a vinegar spray. Recently a friend began using and selling Young Living Essential Oils. She has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity like myself. I was thrilled to find out ways I could use the oils to help myself and my husband feel better. I began using Purification to rid my home of perfumy smells that gave me headaches or made me feel really bad. Then I began using Cedarwood to sleep better. I used Lemonbalm for the vinegar smell from my spray. My husband began using Joy, he just smells it out of the bottle. He asked for more the other day. I began using Thieves, as well as some others, that really felt overwhelming. Now I can’t wait to get my next bottle of Thieves. Since we are financially limited I recently started buying Aura Cacia EO, the individual oils only. It is great to be able to put EOs around my house in a DIY Diffuser and one that a friend gave me. Now I turn my diffuser on almost daily with lemon or clove or another EO. Recently my husband sent a bottle of Lavender EO to his daughter in another state. She loves it for her children. She asked us to send her more! Thank you Essential Oils! We are feeling better, more peaceful, I have less problems with perfume other people may have on at the store and other public places, and our household mold is more under control than ever.

From Eriko:

I chose my Essential Oil Diffuser thanks to the reviews here on this site! I decided on purchasing the Aglaia 500 ml. Then I continued to research which brands of essential oils to purchase for my diffuser and once again, after browsing the internet, I found this site to be the best and most informative. I chose the Eden’s Garden essential oils and also the Radha brand oils. Once everything arrived, I immediately started using the diffuser with the oils daily. I love how my home smells so fresh, relaxing and calm. I have a cat. I am very conscious of making sure our home is safe for the cat as well as smelling good for us. I love coming home now because of the wonderful scents from my diffuser and oils. Thank you Wellnessappiances!

From Cheryl:

I am really new to this wonderful world of essential oils. I heard aout it before, saw it at the store but I never showed interest nor pay attention on what it is for until last Christmas 2015 when my brother gave my mom an oil diffuser and some basic essential oils with it for her as a gift. Since my mom is so excited to use it as soon as when we got home, I turned it on for her dropped some oils in the water (over did it because didn’t read instructions) and left it at her room. I went and check on her for less than 30 minutes and I can’t believe it cuz she was already fast asleep. She always have hard time sleeping at times that she has to take medications to help her calm down . But that night I was awed that she was sound asleep without taking any pills. I thought it was just coincidence and that she was just tired but I kept on turning that diffuser every night and put some lavender and tea tree oil at it every night and it has been helping her relax and fall asleep. I don’t know if this are good to combine but this 2 oils has been helping my mom every night.That’s why I started researching about diffusers and essential oils…and stumbled into this very helpful and informative website. I am hoping to win so that I can have one for myself.

From Melissa:

I have been using essential oils for about 8 years now. I have tried several brands. I have also been a consultant for a small company out of Switzerland. I’ve learned a lot over the years and i use essential oils daily. I use them for diffusing, therapeutic purposes, i make my own facials and night creams, i use them to clean our home, and on my children when they have cuts and scrapes. I also have back injuries : disc generation, scatia, spinal stenosis. That is where I began using them. I use 31 oil blend and juniper for pain and inflammation, for a good night’s sleep, i diffuse neroli, or lavender and roman chamomile together. The smell is so peaceful. I like just swiss essential oils, young living, plant therapy, and edens garden for therapeutic / skin disorder purposes. Ive found geranium , neroli, tea tree, rose otto , and frankincense sacra to be my favorites. I use now brand or barefut for cleaning and disinfecting our home. I’m still looking into trytrying other brands. Some of tgese oils are pricey, just swiss I’d have to say os my favorite company so far.

From Dave:

I have been using essential oils for five or six years. I started with a breath ease blend from Whole Foods to treat a cold. I had already been reading on-line about essential oils and how to use them and the somewhat limited success with the cold treatment led me to read more and more. Some months later, a basketball injury led me to trying essential oils on a sizable muscle pain that I had had for over a year. At this point I had read through the research presented on Whole New Moms’ website (http://wholenewmom.com/) and was using Rocky Mountain Oils (rockymountainoils.com). After using their True Blue blend for a few days, the intense pain on one side was completely gone; however, the somewhat lesser pain on my left side continued for a few months more before it finally disappeared. I have now had several instances where significant muscle pain (from playing full-court basketball with 20 and 30 year olds – I’m 72) has been completely removed within 10 minutes of applying True Blue. I’m a believer!

From Ieshania wheeler:

I am the proud mother to 3 beautiful children living in “sin city”, try raising a family with stripper ads everywhere in sight. Until recently I was clueless to this motherhood thing. I mean I thought I had a clue seeing that my oldest was going on 5. It’s like a lightbulb went off in my mind, I now know my primary objective as the Mother. I am responsible for the wellbeing and upbringing of 3 human beings. I need to make sure they know God’s way is the only way. Growing up in the ghetto of South Central La, I ate fast food daily rarely a homecooked meal. The only oils I was aware of included the Holy Oil cross placed on my forehead before bed at my grandmother’s house. Who knew the abundance God placed on this earth right in front of our eyes, I felt so ignorant. Trees I walk buy daily have such amazing benefits and I hadn’t a clue. Now that I know the benefits of these God given cures I will tell the world. Living life the way God intended is the only way to live, naturally. I will research and learn more that I may teach my children. I want to grow my own herbs and become more self-sufficient. I know these essential oils are essential to my life. My first experience using essential oils I will never forget, going into labor with my third child huffing a bottle of lavender essential oil my mom gave me a week before. It helped bring her into this world peaceful. Even the nurse said I was so calm and pleasant like I wasn’t contracting, she asked my secret and I was more than happy to gush over my new found love.

From Jenni:

Actually, I’m quite new to essential oils. I’ve been researching them for a few days. The only ones I have used are Pennyroyal (on my dog’s collar for fleas), and Lavender to help calm my newborn grandbaby. I’m now looking into buying a few to help with my daughter’s severe allergies. Your site has been most informative.

From Marlo:

Each morning seems to come alot quicker than the 10 hours I supposedly slept. As soon as I wake, my days starts and doesn’t stop until I lay my head down….yet still my mind is busy. I put on my diffuser and the smells of lavender, orange, tangerine or a blend, is just so soothing. I have had some injuries that using oils help to ease the pain. I only have one diffuser and would love to have another so as not to have to move one from place to place….and have one for my children.

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