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Congratulations Bijan Abolfazl Albuyeh, who had most entries and won a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

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Prize: AromaTech AromaCasa Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Diffuser

May is a month of fun happenings and most have passed by except for the Indy 500 May 28th this year with Memorial Day on the 29th. Since I live about 100 miles from Indianapolis, I do have to cheer everyone driving to be safe.

AromaTech has gone one better with their AromaCasa ultrasonic diffuser. As a 5-in-1 unit, it is a diffuser, a small humidifier, an ionizer, an air purifier, and a night light. The manufacturer has generously provided us with 5 units at $45 each for a total Giveaway of $225.

The 100% pure essential oils that you add to the water in the reservoir will reward you with fragrance, a small amount of humidity, and some negative ions! How perfect is that? You know that negative ions improve mood when you run around singing in the rain! —or the tranquility you experience beholding nature’s waterfall spine-tingling spray touching your face.

Our immense obsession for LED (light emitting diodes) lights that alternate between the rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, and violet will cascade through all the colors, fix to one favorite color, or turn off completely is a feature of this diffuser. You can remember the order of the colors if you remember seventh grade science using the name Roy G Biv for the rainbow colors in order. The colors light up around the top hole and top lid band.

The outer diffuser case is made of 100% genuine natural color bamboo, not plastic. It’s as natural as the oils you put into it. The diffuser is free of BPA (Bisphenol A). The color will coordinate with any décor in your home, your office, massage spa, physical therapy studio, or any beauty spa. What a wonderful addition for a hair salon, manicurist studio, hotel lobby, chiropractor, or doctor’s reception area to relax clients. Put one everywhere—in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, kid’s room, your bedroom and even on the sun porch. The aroma from the oil is exhilarating.

Fill the water reservoir with 150 mL (5 ounces) of water to the Max line with the included water cup and put in 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. It’s best to use distilled or purified water to keep the tube and atomizer mister component from clogging due to lime scale and hard water minerals that are difficult to remove.

The unit will run constantly for 7 hours and alternatingly for 14 hours. The higher the mist the quicker the oil will be consumed. The lower the mist, the longer the oil lasts. The 4 non-slip feet on the bottom hold it steady and secure to any surface it’s on.

Being whisper-quiet, you or the kids can sleep through the night. It uses less energy than a 25-Watt light bulb. It will cover 400-square feet of space and beyond with an open floor plan. How to make oil blends is included in the instruction brochure too.

The timer can be set for 1- or 2-hours intermittently or non-stop using the 3 buttons on the front. It is 7-inches tall and 4-inches wide weighing under 2-pounds.

Plug the 5-foot UL® listed cord into a USA 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet at 12-Watts power, 0.5 Amps. In countries outside of the USA, plug it into a 220/240-Volt outlet or buy an adapter. Be sure to check the bottom of the box the diffuser comes in. The plug is under a lower panel that you cannot see well. Put your finger in the cardboard hole and the top lifts off.

When it comes to plants, herbs go beyond the versatile to the near miraculous.  Use the wisdom of the herbs for natural healing and abundant fragrance in the AromaCasa diffuser for cleaner and healthier air.

All you need to do is enter the contest from May 25 to June 5 for your possibility to win the lovely AromaCasa model diffuser. Or check out our top best diffusers in the market.


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