How to Enter Our Monthly Giveaway

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Hi entrants,

This is how to enter our monthly Giveaway for more entries and a better chance to win a diffuser. This will tell you what to do after you win your diffuser.

1. Scroll to the end of the page where you will see this Gleam widget. However, you must first log in to use it.

Gleam widget

2. Log in using your email, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. If you log in at this site by email, enter your name and email. Date of birth is optional.

3. Complete the form then click on continue. You are now logged in.

Gleam widget login by email

4. Complete as many items on the list of tasks if you want more chances to win. The right side numbers tell you the number of draws (chances) you have to win.


We give you some new methods to gain entries in our Giveaways:

  • When you give us feedback, we will be able to determine from the amount of responses if we can give discount codes for a free diffuser. So, give your feedback to help us see how many people like the page.
  • Share your opinions on your own website or blog page. This will give you 30 additional entries for even more chances to win this diffuser and others.

5. You can do this every day for even more chances to win! Go to “Come back each day for 2 bonus entries.”

6. After you have completed all of the tasks, log out.

7. You will possibly receive two (2) emails.

8. One (1) email will ask that you confirm that you want to join our mailing list.

9. You might receive a second email if you are not already on our mailing list. By joining our list, you will automatically receive our emails informing you of new monthly diffuser Giveaways.

10. The email will look like this. It lets you know how many entries you have plus any additional ways to enter.

Entry confirmed

  • The winners are chosen from a random drawing from all valid entries.
  • The winners are notified by email within three (3) days after the contest closing date.
  • The winners must respond by email within three (3) days to claim their diffuser or it will be given to someone else.

Note: When winners do not respond within three (3) days, the problem might be:

  • You did not reply back to us within the required three (3) days;
  • You did not check your spam mailbox.


Winner names are also shown in the widget. If your name is there and you did not receive an email, send me an email immediately to let me know at [email protected] so that I can correct it.

Best of luck!


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