Essential oils are the concentrated essence of plants, distilled down to pure liquid. Such oils have been used for thousands of years by different cultures around the world for their fragrance, medicinal, and soothing qualities.

Essential Oils are typically used by adding a few drops to pure water and diffused through the air in an essential oils diffuser or special humidifier.

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Diffusing and Storing Essential Oils

Here are the basics for using essential oils, all about diffusers, and storing your essential oils properly. How essential oils fit into your routine or daily life has a lot to do with which diffuser you select because some are easier to use than others, and some put out a more clean oil breakdown than others.

Using Essential Oils for Therapeutically or for Aromatherapy – for Healing

These two guides below examine what it means for essential oils to be therapeutic grade, and used for aromatherapy. People use essential oils for a wide variety of ailments and reasons (one of which is just to feel good), but to be effective the essential oils must be of a certain purity and standard.

Latest Essential Oils Articles:

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