Melisa, I would like to get your suggestion for what type of oil should I use for my wife’s hot flashes. You have a lot of experience in this field and your opinion matters. My wife started experiencing quite severe hot flashes and I believe essential oils can help her but I want advise from someone with good knowledge for this particular issue. Thank you for your time and great work in presenting the benefits of using essential oils.

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Hi Victor,

Oh the dreaded time in life for most women, although many like the end of monthly cycles and pregnancy.

These 100% essential oils might help your wife, but the best thing to do is have her see her gynecologist for estrogen therapy and the hot flashes will stop immediately.

Read here and here  and decide if any of these oils and recipes will help her.

Some oils help some women and some do nothing. It is a hormone issue and replacing the estrogen she is losing is the best way to stop hot flashes.

Best regards,


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