Hello Mellissa,

You are a world of knowledge.  I use NOW 100% frankincense eliminating the use of anti dep. or mood stabilizers.   I feel 100% better and would like to continue on this path.  I am interested in purchasing the NOVA wireless nebulizer.  My Question is:  1) Can I continue using my NOW 100% pure frankincense essential oil in the NOVA wireless.  2) Can the NOVA be regulated as to emit a strong smell or weaker smell if needed?  3) What about the cleaning frequency when using an oil such as this one?

Thank you for sharing and helping me understand this system,


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Hi Kathryn,

I love your subject title! Very clever!

The Verelily NOVA is a nebulizer diffuser meaning it uses no water and that’s why I love it so much. Ultrasonic diffusers use water and the oils float on the water therefore the oil gets used up quicker so the fragrance becomes weaker over time. Then more oils are added to the water and the cycle continues until that water supply is used up.

1. You can use the NOW® brand or any brand of 100% pure essential oils. I use citrus in my unit with no problems either. Frankincense is fine to use, so enjoy it.

2. You control the strength of intensity by having the mist low or high. I like it on high. My entire house smells good when it is running. If you put it on wood furniture, put a lovely plate underneath or your wood will have oil on it over time. Don’t use fabrics or towels.

3. Since you use pure oil with no water, the smell is the same as in the bottle. You will not have a “weak” or “strong” smell. It is identical to what you smell in the bottle.

4. Care and cleaning is wiping with a damp cloth outside inside the bottom plate. I put rubbing alcohol in mine once a week and let it run through for about an hour or two. You want to have the tube clean and not become plugged up. Put it 3/4 full in the bottle, then discard when finished. Add a full bottle of cold water and let that rinse through the unit for a few hours or longer. Use a cotton swab to wipe around the ring inside and other areas. Dry and reuse.

Read my testimonial here (by Chavela) and my review here.

After you read both pages, you will have a better understanding of how the NOVA works.

I hope this helps you select this fine unit; you will love it! You will be able to tell when it’s fully charged to take with you in the car. I leave mine plugged in all the time when not in use to keep it fully charged. The red light on top means it’s charging while it runs on electricity and the green light means it’s charged. You will receive a very well-written User’s Manual with illustrations written by a native English writer for all you need to know. Let me know how it works for you after you use it awhile.

Best of luck,


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